Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Do I Enjoy Selling Online?

I have been selling online for almost a year now.

I started selling on Multiply with Apple Cheeks baby shoes and ukay ukay bales or used clothes . I already have a personal website hence, I opened a separate account for my business ( to avoid confusion and to look professional. I tried setting up an account on Auction Philippines but, I got discouraged when I encountered problems uploading pictures. After which I registered on Ebay Philippines ( and listed the baby shoes. Hubby mentioned buying some Psp accessories on Sulit ( so I also registered there and listed an ad for my ukay ukay or used clothes bundles.

And, the rest is well, history.

Why do I enjoy selling online?

1. I enjoy selling online because selling is one of my passions in life. My other passions include traveling, reading, writing, eating and talking! Anyway, I have been a salesgirl all my life: in my mom's drugstore during elementary and high school, in my novelty shop during college and in my medical distribution business after my first pregnancy.

2. I enjoy selling online because it is an extra source of income for me. I am a full-time mom and a part-time Law student who relies on hubby and mommy for spending money. Thanks to multiply, sulit and ebay, JD and I goes to Jollibee without having to wait for hubby's remittance or asking my parents for money. I could even buy Ipanema flipflops without worrying that hubby might get mad at me for spending such an amount of money on a mere pair of slippers.

3. I enjoy selling online because I could do it in my spare time (between the babies and my studies). I can have my forty winks or digest cases while the buyers are picking/bidding on their choices; I can sing with Barney on tv while I edit my items' pictures. I can even talk to my buyers over the phone while glaring my eyes at my active toddler! In short, online selling gives me the privilege of earning money while having a life.

5. I enjoy selling online because of the free ad space or shop. Having 10k is not enough if I opened a brick and mortar store even within the village but, the same amount is more than enough for an online shop's one month inventory. Opening an account on multiply and sulit is free; opening an account on ebay is also free but, some features have charges. Anyone could start online selling with a mere Php500.oo or with no financial cost at all!

6. Last but not the least, I enjoy online selling because it gives me the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. I have met working moms, full-time moms and work-at-home-moms from multiply and ebay who bought my baby shoes, books, perfumes and clothes; I also met businesspersons selling all sorts of wares on sulit. Im now a forum moderator there, by the way hehehe.

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