Friday, September 12, 2008

How To Sell Used Items Online part1

How do you sell thee? Let us count the steps...

1. Clothes

A. Wash/Iron - Whether the clothes are yours or you bought it from your friendly neighborhood ukay ukay store, it is advisable to wash and iron them. If you want to save electricity costs, you may just wash it but not wring it too tight ;-) If you dont want to wash it, it's fine as long as you state in the item description that it hasnt been washed, or it came straight from the ukay ukay.

B. Picture, picture! - This is a must. Your pictures will do the 'talking' for your item/s. You could either hang the clothes, put it on a mannequin or just lay it on a flat surface. Don't forget to use a solid dark colored background or a white one. Take pictures of the front, back (if there's a print or design) and side (if there's a print/ design). If there is a flaw, like a tear/ rip or stain, take a snap of it. You could perhaps, place a Php1 coin beside the stain.

C. Describe to the max - Describe your item as if there are no pictures taken. Say if the shirt is dark blue, light blue or blue-green. List every single flaw, stain or rip. Mention if the stain is 3 or 5 inches above the hemline. Here is an example of a shirt i listed on I indicated that a part of the hemline has to be sewn and there is a stain in the right sleeve.

D. Price it right! - It is Gymboree, so what? Price it reasonably. Yes, it is a popular brand, but it's already been used! Don't put Php500 as the starting price. No frugal person would buy that.

E. Packaging - The clothing is used but it doesnt mean you should merely shoved it inside the shipping pouch. It must be packed nicely and securely so it wouldnt get wet or dirty. You could use either white japanese papers (papel de japon) or clear plastics.

Next item: books


Dinah said...

thanks for the tips, mamee!
found you from Sulit.

Snow said...

Nice info Jacque. Cheers!