Sunday, September 7, 2008

Selling by Lots

This is an edited/updated version of a guide I wrote on Ebay Phils.

For the first time online sellers who has bulks of inventory, it would be better to sell those by lots. This is applicable to make up, clothes, and books, to name a few.

Why is selling by lots better than selling per piece?

1. Selling by lots moves your inventory faster than by selling them per piece. This is great for those who have limited storage spaces at home.

2. Selling by lots liquidates your inventory faster compared to selling them per piece. This is beneficial to those who has limited financial capital to buy new items to sell.

How to sell clothes by lots?

1. Clothes in a lot should be more than 2 and less than 10. This is to avoid the buyer getting overwhelmed by so many items. I had several baby rompers; both brandnew and gently used. I segregated them by condition and gender and further narrowed the list by age. The picture here is an example of 1 lot of 3 brandnew baby rompers.

2. Choose 3 or 5 clothes of same category. For example, 1 lot of 5 girls tshirts small size so that buyers wont be confused. You could also categorize them by brands say, 1 lot of 3 Gymboree clothes.

3. Take pictures of the lot of clothes by group and separately. This is to help the buyers scrutinize the clothes per piece and not just by bulk.

How to sell books by lots?

1. Books in a lot range from 2 to 24 pcs. It depends if the seller deals with retail or wholesale selling. It also depends on the buyer if he buys books to add to his collection or to resale.

2. Choose books per category. The category could be per genre -romance novels, per author - Nora Roberts, per particular series - Harlequin Romance or any category that you could come up with. Just make sure that there is a "theme" among the books.

3. Take pictures of the books by group. This is of course help the buyers see the items. You dont need to take their individual pictures, though. However if you're selling more than three dozen books in one lot, it is better if you also upload their pictures per one dozen.

I hope this gives a clear idea of how to sell items by lots. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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