Monday, September 8, 2008

What Do I Despise About Online Selling?

If I enjoy selling online, there are also reasons why I despise it. Here is a rundown:

1. Unsold inventory. Let us be honest with ourselves, not everything that we sell will get sold online. Make up has expiration dates; clothes get out of style; Food is perishable (This is prohibited on ebay, though.) Or perhaps, our selling price is too exorbitant that even if we marked them down to 70% off sale, no one's biting. Aside from these, there is also the possibility that there is simply no market for the products we are sell.

2. Joybidders/ reservers and unreasonable persons. There are some ladies on multiply that keep on reserving items but wont pay us even if we email/pm or text them every other day. There are also some trigger-happy persons on ebay philippines that would bid or use buy-it-now option but would not respond even if we file for an Unpaid Item Strike. And there are also a couple of persons that are plain unreasonable: they would demand same day delivery (this service is non-existent and not offered by any courier); they would demand for a meet up (even if they are only buying 1 item and knew that I'm 2 hours away from their location); they would demand next day delivery (despite the fact that they gave a wrong address or live in a very remote island or Out of Delivery Areas). X-(

3. Lack of a revolving fund. This is when I started selling perfumes. I imported the perfumes abroad hence, I paid in US dollars and the shipping entails 4 weeks plus 2-3 days custom check.

4. No down time. The schedule of a mom with two babies is tedious enough. What more if the mom is a Law student and an online seller? No, I am not complaining. :) I would appreciate it though if people would not call me at 4am (mobile phones are open 24/7 anyway. I could reply to their messages once Im awake).

5. Indecent emails/ texts. I was once bothered by my mobile phone at 2 am. It was a guy using a roaming number; He asked me if I could text him back at his local number and be his textmate. Of course, I did not reply! LOL :D

6. Not-So-Friendly Competition. There are some persons that ask for my business suggestions however there are also a few that try to befriend me but are in reality, gearing up for competition. And, this hurts. :(

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